Considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast of São Paulo.






In it lies a super quiet river that receives the same name - Itamambuca river.
This river to get to the beach, makes a turn, giving rise to spectacular scenery and
unforgettable for anyone who sees it for the first time - a large natural pool
where each week different form sandbars changing the landscape of the place.
In its waters also is practiced canoeing, paddleboats and kayaks to have
rent, and this combination makes sea - beach - River a great place for a children's club.
The Itamambuca beach is also known as the "beach wagon" for having
assiduous attendance of young people, however many families with children love the place.
It is also where the beach is located the Eco Resort.









Near the river Itamambuca formed perfect waves that are praised by surfers
worldwide. The beach scene is the most important surfing competitions in Brazil and
globally known for hosting international surfing championships.
It is one of the most consistent beaches in the country in terms of waves. receives all
kind of ripple, and the ripple south that brings the best;
are long straight that provide many maneuvers.












On the beach is also a school of surfing the ZECÃO,
where children, youth and adults have the opportunity to learn to surf.